About Madeline


About Madeline

Madeline has been a Professional Numerologist and Spiritual Adviser for over 30 years.

She is interested in spirituality, metaphysics, spiritualism, body energy healing, aromatherapy and essential oils, crystals and gemstones, herbs, Feng Shu, and natural wellness. In her spare time, she designs gemstone jewelry for Chakra and Energy Balancing. She is an advocate for a natural, chemical-free life style and is a distributor of Beautycounter skin care and beauty products. She was founder and president of the Greater Phoenix Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and served on the Foundation Leadership Council. She is co-author of a self-published book on dating perspectives.

She has held memberships in the Arizona Psychic Alliance, the Int'l Association for Psychic Enlightenment, the Int'l Aroma and Herb Assn., the University of Life Church/Center, the Sun Spiritualist Church and Camp, and the Tetraktys Institute for Metaphysical Enlightenment. She is presently a member of the CARE Spiritualism Network, the Conscious Community, the Holistic Entrepreneur Association, Arizona Mind Body Spirit, and the Healing Intention Community. She is an ordained minister through the University of Life Spiritualist Church/Center in Phoenix and served as a board member and treasurer at the Sun Spiritualist Church and Camp in Tonopah. She has also organized spiritual fairs and events throughout the Valley and is presently the Event Executive for West Valley Intuitive Fairs as well as the Executive Director of Informational Pathways, LLC, an advocate for chemical-free living.

Madeline lives in Sun City, Arizona, with her husband David. They have three children, five grandchildren, one great-grandchild, and one dog. Her older daughter Michelle has End Stage Kidney Disease, and Madeline has added the link to her daughter's GoFundMe page below. Madeline's life advice is to follow the Golden Rule, to not worry and to be happy, and to make each day the best one ever.

Madeline is available for private consultations, group presentations, classes and workshops, and speaking engagements.